Monday, January 19, 2009

the maurice richard of hip hop

This Sunday I saw NOTORIOUS with my homegirl Margaux. If you have followed the blog a bit you know I am huuuuuuuuge biggie fan. The first rapper I got into as a youngin (grade 6) he had accessible singles that appealed to me as a child but it was also his image that gave me a lot of confidence as an overweight kid. I know it sounds cheesy but he inspired me to have pride in the way I look and not take shit from nobody. As I grew older I started to get more into hip hop and started to analyze the lyrics as well as notice that newer hip hop while good could not hold a candle to the perfection that was biggie. As an ultra fan I gotta say that I was really happy with the movie. Jamal "Gravy" Woolard nails the role and it almost made me feel like he was alive again which was pretty cool. He should drop rapping and try to act for a living I think (although he will probably get type casted pretty bad). The music blasted through the theatre surround sound was great and I was lip syncing the lyrics the whole time. One thing that bummed me out though was this it was a true story and that he had to die again which reminds me a lot of reading history books about New France. No matter how many times you experience the story the ending is always the same, we lose. Not gonna lie, I had tears in my eyes at least twice. One scene between Big and his mom talking on the phone from jail and the funeral procession. He died at age 24. Such a young age to die but at the same time it made me think what the fuck have I accomplished in my life? If a guy with all the chips stacked against him since birth can follow his dreams it would be a crime for a relatively well off kid like myself to not at least try. Hopefully in 2010 I will be in another country trying to give it a real go. Check the movie out.

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