Friday, January 16, 2009

trees to branches, cliffs to avalanches

Alright so I got a pretty bad hangover not that bad from an alcohol point of view but its combined with a bad cold. What makes things worse is that I lost my cell and my voice at the bar. Shit sucks. Only known cure is Rachel Leigh Cook. Yeah.

(A) NEW FOUND GLORY - DRESSED TO KILL. I used to hate ANFG backs in the day cause I caught major beef with the owner of drive-thru records. I was pretty young and we were in a back and forth nasty argument. Buddyhead posted his email and I sent him an email and the shit got bad quickly. I kept deleting the NFG my sister downloaded off of Napster. My other big internet beefs from back then were FRED DURST no joke, I was calling him up and shit talking directly to him. His personal assistant fucking let me get through cause I guess he hated him as well. My other beef was pre-celebrity Andy Milonakis off the Kevin Smith messageboard. It went too far when I prank called his work with Beverly Hills Cop sound effects. Real talk. Anyways, I think this is the definitive Rachel Leigh Cook video in terms of hotness. The part where she's wearing the skirt and goes to kiss the douchebag in the video... yeah that's a good part.

When you're talking Leigh Cook you can't not have the cheesy drug P.S.A. she did. The more you know, bitches.

JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS - THREE SMALL WORDS. Rosario Dawson is the only person who made it out of this movie alive. Tara Reid is also in this... I think her exposed red carpet tittie thing is the best thing to have ever happened ever.

She's All That Trailer. "am I a bet? am I a stupid bet!?" Man friggin Yung Usher is in this too. I need to watch this movie immediately.

You just got leighed.

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