Wednesday, January 28, 2009

what i would say to you now

I am going to be a one act play for the theatre departement at my university.   It's dada and it's going to be FUCKED UP!

From Wikipedia "Tzara called The Gas Heart the "greatest three-act hoax of the century" and suggested that it would "satisfy o
nly industrialized imebiciles who believe in men of genius".[3] The play offers, he continues, "no technical innovation."[3] David Graver, however, describes The Gas Heart, along with Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes's The Mute Canary (first performed in 1920), as "manifestations of dada at its most extreme" that "pulverize the elements of conventional theater they use so finely that few gestures or remarks cohere in any recognizable order" and that "reduce theatrical spectacle to a kind of white sound, the significance of which depends almost exclusively upon the cultural context in which it is presented.""

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