Thursday, February 12, 2009

4-5-9 Octobre

Sup! sup!! sup!!! Just your boy BBC checking up on you kids. Today is going to be another francophone fest. A lot of people are coming up to me in the streets of centertown going like "Big Baby, I love the blog yo! You holding it down! But like me and a lot of girls out there think the shit you post is too hard. We need that pussy indie shit to request at Zaphod's on friday nights". So this goes out to my american apparel legging as pants slut patrol making sure awkard douchebags get fucked on the weekly.

Now I'm kind of late on this one but BONJOUR BRUMAIRE. The band that Coeur de pirate used to play keyboard in. What makes these guys go into the next level of hipster douche is that they are mainly anglophones singing in French to be more artistic I guess. I'm not sure what I hate more the band or the fact that I like this band. This song is called BROOKLYN and it's about w-burgh jacking some of MTL's steeze.

Next up is a dude I saw a bunch of times XAVIER CAFEINE. This might sound shallow but whatever. I think his music is good however if he changed his look and his name it could be pretty popular with the English world. Anyways I never listened to a full album but at the community center out in the suburbs that I work at, his biggest hit is like the only song I can stand on the cds we have. So I put this track, MONTRÉAL (CETTE VILLE), on repeat. The shit is catchy and it oozes of white Montréal.

Finally I apologize to my legging girls out there but fuck a kid like big baby don't know how else to be but hard. SANS PRESSION - JOE B.G. R.I.P. A tribute song to his hypeman. Probably the most known hypeman in francophone hip hop. He tragically died in a fire in east Montréal a week before his first solo album came out. The building was an old one that are notorious of burning really badly. His mom was my sister's landlord in St-Henri. This was really sad. Warning this is a shitty youtube fan video but the song is worth it.

BONUS BIGGIE MATERIAL. The Unbelievable mixtape is nuts GET IT. To wet your appetite I have embedded a streamable and downloadable version. My current jam I can't get enough of is track 20 ESCAPE FROM NY feat prodigy form mobb deep. Worth the check out if you like hip hop.