Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my loveletter typewriter has no capital letters. drives homes on autumn sundays are how i feel.

Taking a break of my research and way too filling samosas to for a quick half assed post on the old blog. I mentioned that I got a bunch of Mishka gear and I really wanted to wear it at the February Disorganized. I even sacrificed an extra layer of warmth to not have to coat check a hoodie/coat combo. My problem is that I hang out with poor motherfuckers . Hell I even rudely asked to get (and got on) the guest list and offered to donate that free spot as a 50% off coupon for those 2 francophone eastern European sacks of shit. I didn't end up going... That being said I'm going to post a JOKERS OF THE SCENE video today because they play every Disorg and I must have "seen" them like over 20 times now. I didn't notice how big they have gotten in the dance music universe though. I mean I go to a lot of electro nu rave shit in Ottawa but like I can't follow that shit online. My friends who have their Hipster game tight are like did you hear such and such remix of whatever djs and I'm like huh? There's just too much volume for me to keep up. Hell I posted a Rye-Rye video on here once and I didn't realize I had seen her at Disorganized! I go there to party and enjoy the sights and sounds and hang out next to the photo booth. So yeah apparently JOTS are big now, good for them. BAGGY BOTTOM BOYS is the song and this youtube video sets it to images of the Tom Hanks classic Big.

Don't have much of anything else to share today but I would suggest you all to check out the new BRIGHTS song on their myspace. It's radical.

Watch out, I'm making gym workout mixtape and I want to host it funkmaster flex/dj drama style.

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