Tuesday, March 3, 2009

death threats and warehouses

Man I have not posted in awhile. No excuses I know the internet needs French Iain. Aight so recently I have been listening to A LOT of hardcore. For a scene that I truly love I admit that I suck at keeping up with the HC jones'. Anyways Cold World's latest (which I am way late on) is dominating my Ipod along with Trash Talk which is dominating my life. My boy Lozinski aka Stems Volchuk is moving me away from posi shit to grimy shit. For better or for worse Youth Anthems is a music video blog and HC clips on youtube don't communicate the true intensity of the music live or recorded and there are next to no true music videos for HC acts. That being said I went to a fucked up warehouse party in Vanier this past weekend and I would of felt like a hipster had I not been wasted into another dimension. This party is like what I imagine really cool scenes like New York or London to be like all the time. The fact that it was in my favorite area of Ottawa was pretty cool too. So today we are going to be on some dance-ier electronic stuff.

Starting up with TELEPATHE a girl group that evokes that 80s England sound that I really like. Think New Order mixed with a very little bit of modern top 40 pop. They are from Brooklyn though... I am getting really sick of writing that. Song is called SO FINE.

Next up is a rapper that Jeanbart of Omnikrom talked about on their blog and really blew me away. THEOPHILUS LONDON. He just has a really dark fucking electronic vibe. Like east german electro weirdos mixed with some Bed-Stuy flow. I fucking love it and I am really heavy on this band wagon. He's got a free mixtape that I really recommend you download. Song is HIGHER. The must click of the day.

Finally we have some old GHISLAIN POIRIER - OMNIKROM joint. Both are coming out with some new stuff I am excited about. Ghislain is going to be playing Disorg and it should be pretty awesome. This is some weird live thing they did and it's got a really good dont give a fuck vibe to it. Gabbo's flow can be annoying at first but it really gets you after awhile. Like he just doesn't care, I love it. Kinda like my van flows I was dropping this weekend. Song is RIVIÈRE DE DIAMANTS.

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