Sunday, March 15, 2009


Recently the father of one of my best friends passed away. This post is dedicated to him. Life is such a fucked up thing and a total crap shoot. I know it's cliché to say seize the day and all that but when you witness stuff like that it's hard not to. Music is also very much linked to death. I will start with a song that was important to my friend and his dad. Hearing his family and friends sing it this past week was pretty emotional. HEY JUDE by the BEATLES.

Throughout the services it was hard not to think of my own dad. Probably the dude I respect the most in the world. We have pretty intense arguments and wreslting matches but I think it's the glue that makes us close. We have talked about our respective funerals a lot through the years and he has always insisted that this song be played at his funeral. SIMPLE MAN by LYNYRD SKYNYRD. I know the band is sometimes associated with hick culture but it's my papa's favorite band and I think they really trailblazed in the creation of hard chunky guitar sound. Also the lyrics to this song are beautiful and it's addressed to a son which is very cool.

And finally a song that treats with death which is really close to me. When my grand mother died a bit over a year ago this song came on my ipod on shuffle and I had a "moment". It's an old song called YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE. Originally for a musical in the 40s called carousel it was redone by a Liverpool band called GERRY AND THE PACEMAKERS. The fans of my family's soccer team (GLASGOW CELTIC) now sing it at games. But really it's the lyrics that do it for me. I don't believe in religion or afterlife but I do believe that the dead who are close to us are always with us in the sense that their impact on us make us who we are. I really love this song and I dedicate it to my friend. Times are tough but we can't quit, things will get better and our loved ones are always with us. R.I.P.

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