Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i'm a person just like you

Loyal readers! I'm sure you have noticed a drop off in posting in the past view weeks. Impatiently waiting for updates to what is surely the most important blog on the internet. Well, school has been destroying my soul and pushing me to the brink of ending it all. I have actually decided to abstain from alcohol and any other inhibiting substances until I am DONE my thesis. Now if you know me in real life you know I can be a pretty serious binge drinker. This is the first time I have gone longer than 6 days of no drink since AT LEAST 2005. I am pretty happy that I haven't gotten cold sweats, shakes and hallucinations from going cold turkey off the granpa juice. Anyways, it's not positive, it sucks, drinking rules. But it proves one thing I do whatever the hell I want to do and I am slave to nothing but my dick. I posted on my facebook that I was straight edge till I was done school and some of my edge friends got all pissed (shout out to real as fuck BLAKE! love you buddy). This post is gonna be all STRAIGHT EDGE.

Let's start with the obvious choice. Before I got into hardcore or even knew that a hardcore scene existed in my city I was down with MINOR THREAT. I was pretty nerdy in high school and I hated jocks and hated everything they did. Drinking and doing drugs was a major reason why I stopped being friends with my elementary crew. I wasn't down with that shit and I was scared of my dad murdering me haha. 2 videos of the song that started it all STRAIGHT EDGE.

Better sound on this one.

Better crowd in this one.

Following up with one of my favorite bands in high school BANE. I was kinda bummed missing them in Ottawa the other day but whatever I just couldn't go. I saw them just a few months ago and there some serious drama which sucked because they didn't play THIS SONG on motherfucking EDGE DAY. SUPERHERO! My number one song during my straight edge till I'm legal phase haha. Whatever that shit probably saved my life so I'm not sweating how cliché and loser it is. This song motivated me so much. Imagine a 250 pound version of me wearing khaki pants that are too short, payless shoes, and a golf shirt barreling down the halls of multi-ethnic hood school hating the fucking world. This was the song on my discman, on motherfucking repeat. The must click video of the day. CRAZY SING ALONG.

And finally probably the best edge song just by how hilariously awesome it is. STRAIGHT EDGE REVENGE by PROJECT X.


I give you a straight up HARD band The Wrong Side on suggestion of lazeinski. Couldn't find 2 words but whatever.

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