Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This post is for anybody who is remotely cool in Ottawa or Gatineau. CHUO is probably the best radio station in Ottawa (when they aren't playing Punjabi news or Kosovar radio plays) is having their yearly funding drive. This year they have an awesome FRIENDS OF CHUO CARD. Which gives you great deals at all the cool places in the 613. For only 25 bucks! You have to be an idiot to not get this.


Vertigo Records 10% OFF 193 Rideau Street New & Used records/cds

Venus Envy 10% off 3320 Lisgar excluding mags Sex books/mags/toys

Top of the World TBD 158 Rideau Skate/Shoes/Shorts etc

Spaceman Music 388 Gladstone at Bank (613) 594-5323 Music Equipment store

Sounds Unlikely 5 Arlington 10% OFF Hard to find music/specialty

La Nouvelle Scène 333 King Edward To Be Determined Theatre

NormL 184 Rideau Street 15% OFF Streetwear

End Hits 407 Dalhousie 10 or 155 off Records

Habesha 1087 Wellington 10% OFF Ethiopian food

Seriously, the coolest theatre in Ottawa, the coolest record stores, the best Ethiopean food, the best streetwear, the best skateshop. It's like a hipster's wet dream! I know I'm pumped.

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