Sunday, June 7, 2009

mes nègres blanc d'amérique me tiennent down comme whoa


Man I just can't stop posting these days. I'm giving you some post Biggie Bad Boy videos.

n.1 is SHYNE feat Barrington Levy - BAD BOYS. Shyne was too hard, too late. Rap had already changed and people just jumped on him for having a husky voice like Biggie. If you listen closely to the lyrics he foreshadows the crime that got him behind bars. Kind of a bummer to reach the top and have it snatched away from you the second you get there. This video and song is waaaaay better than how I had remembered it.

Next up is one hit wonder BLACK ROB with the great song WHOA. This shit is an ipod battle staple and for good reason, it rules. Obviously not the best lyrically but it's just fun and in your face.

Next up is the man himself, DIDDY. His album (feat the bad boy family) The Saga Continues had a lot of really good singles. This dude just perseveres through criticism and shits success. I can't hate on a hustle. The song is BAD BOYS FOR LIFE which has a great celebrity filled video. Start your Monday off right.

I'm off to Vegas, hopefully I will participate and witness some wild shit.

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