Saturday, June 6, 2009

the thing imprinting in the seam of my jeans

I just can't get enough of party rap/hip-house/electro-rap/hipster-rap. In a way I feel bad that kids on the come up won't have the hard as fuck shit I listened to growing up but you know it's probably a good thing. All hip-hop and hardcore did was make me a little knucklehead. OK I have a bunch of different things. Another Hip-House video and maybe the most recognizable song from that era and scene. ROB BASE and DJ EZ ROCK - IT TAKES TWO. After that I've got rocafella one hit wonders YOUNG GUNZ with the song CANT STOP WONT STOP. rocafella was clearly seeing the demise of street hip hop and was already going for some "get over shit". I would say one of the catchiest singles of the decade. Lastly we have French rappers SO FRESH SQUAD with the greatly titled song SO FRESH HISTORY X. They are in a way more street and more pop than traditional mainstream French rap that has always been pretty much conscious. They are in the TTC sphere of influence and I think they will make it really big.

ALSO! look for a young Kanye West in the Young Gunz clip!

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