Monday, July 13, 2009

best 6th grade birthday party of all time

The other day I was accused of liking a jack johnsonian type band by Myriam Couturier. I won't talk about the accusation here because it would just be wasting energy on purely incredulous statements. That being said I will share a Jack Johnsonian artist that I am officially saying it's alright to like. MELISSA LAVEAUX a girl from my city of Haitian origin. She's a year younger than me and looks really familiar. I would love to know if she went to french high school or not... Anyways think of a fusion of run of the mill canadian singer songwriter and run of the mill world music and you get this kinda cool non run of the mill singer. She's now based in Paris. Pretty damn cool. Kinda feel like I need to step up the pace in my life frig. Here she is doing an Eliott Smith cover. GET INTO IT.

bonus ish

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