Friday, July 3, 2009

de la misère sur le bon monde

It's raining in july and I'm poor as fuck. Resigned to packing booze into an empty stomach because la bière ça nourrie ya dig? I'm not back to top form yet but I'm Rocky in the Soviet wilderness...

I got some posi shit that has happened recently though...I've been in Vegas and Saskatoon for the past month on a real western trip. I gotta show love to the stars and bars. It had a real free vibe that I was digging down in Nevada. Imagine if Québec had been annexed into a puerto rico type deal? We would be even more NBA than we already are...

Speaking of NBAs .... OMNIKROM has recently released an album that I am REALLY digging. It's much less vulgar, focusing instead on themes like youth and fame which is pretty cool. Coeur de pirate and the dude from the St-Catherines have some real cool featurings on that bitch. Their video for their single COMME À LA TÉLÉVISION came out recently and it's great, tons of sweet pop culture references. Must click of the day. You should also buy the album on itunes.

You already know who THE CLIPSE are but man I really wish they could get some more commercial success. Girls just don't dig lyrics and younger mainstream rappers are pretty much like girls... Whatever. New video feat KANYE WEST. The video seems more low budget than Omnikrom which is totally fucked in a way. The song is great though and it's a called KINDA LIKE A BIG DEAL. How can you not love a mix of crack rap and Anchorman references?

Finally we have a relatively new video from one of my favorite English rappers, KANO and some other dudes (Chase and Status). It's called AGAINST ALL ODDS. This video has great visuals and the song has a superb little beat. Worth your time fer sure.


I would just like to thank Jamaica for existing...

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