Sunday, January 10, 2010


Your boy Big Baby Campbell a.k.a. Trovão got hooked up with a disposable camera by your other boy Le Champion Du Monde a.k.a. galipu the destroyer for the last ever Disorganized in Ottawa. LCDM is the regular photographer of the night and in my humble opinion contributed greatly to the night's success. The final Disorg was a long set by Jokers of the Scene and it was pretty dope. Here are some pictures I tried to take when I was drunk. Start calling me Lil Karsh.

offensive torso in process of deodorization

Sup bouncer. He's a nice guy. 317 bank Ottawa's only music institution still living.

I think this was supposed to be the coat girl holding my coat, o-line had to protect the QB though.

The NBAs. Shouts to Scarred Love Tuvan Clique. They weren't as rowdy as normal in my memory.

This woman has served me literally gallons upon gallons of Alcohol over the years. Yet we have no human link. Cold world.

The reason wars are fought.


Not a good picture but you gotta love bro on the right doing his own god damn thing.

Hipsters need excitement. If their lives don't provide them this they incite violence. Common sense simple common sense.

People smoke outside in the cold.

2 really cool people. I mean that.

Dudes touching their penises

Shitty pic of a great group. Single handedly got me back into electronic music. Thanks for putting on a chill party, always.

GOOD WORK GALIPU! If I had an ounce of LCDM's looks I would be garanteed an uncurable STD and or a kid.

Might not got the looks but I got charisma! 2010s are mine. HOPE YOU HAD HAPPY HOLIDAZE AND GET READY FOR NEW NEW NEW WAVE.

expect more disposable photos.

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