Sunday, January 17, 2010

ma négativité m'emprisonne

So Jay Reatard died this week. Was never really interested by him or his genre. That being said this video that is being posted everywhere is amazing. The lyrics of this song are AMAZING. Call me King Poser.

Next up is some video I'm pretty sure I saw on Mishka Bloglin but it's pretty creepy and great. The FREE GUCCI mixtape is nuts but I really wish they remixed "Outta Me". Apparently the visuals are from some movie called Bodo about a kid who clones himself and his clone wants to bang his mom? wild.

Shouts to Colin Thériault. Julian Casablancas' new video is BEAUTIFUL and the song is pretty acceptable.

I took late night pictures on the street yesterday they will be posted here as soon as they are developed.


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