Friday, January 29, 2010

jesus henrik christ

So I'm in New York City right now. As I write this it's hitting me that I'm going up for auditions tomorrow. Needed to stay awake a bit longer so I went to go see a movie as I saw the good performances in the film I was like "shit son are you ready?" Kinda got an anxiety blast but then I thought... "yo I was bad in the mothafuckin womb, I was bad poppin out and I'm still bad today... " To quote Sean Combs "Ain't nothin changed". My training for this has been super positive and I'm winning or losing on my own terms, at least that's the plan. Gotta walk in that room and put some juice in there.

This is an interesting type of "vacation" to take. Sensations fortes.

In New York I kinda feel like a hayseed country boy and it's a cool feeling. Small ponds are for bitches. The fact that 8 million people don't know or give a fuck who the fuck I am and vice versa is liberating. My hostel is pretty chill but it's in Chelsea which kind of feels like a huge Elgin street. Serves the purpose of my trip from a location an price point of view though. There was a big ass fire close by and I might have gotten some good pics of FDNY dudes holding shit down for real. On va voir.

Randomly took a random subway line and got off at Canal street. Last time I had the chance to check Canal street shit was blocked off cause of 9/11. Heard a bunch of Africans speak French and saw a Québec flag floating in front of a store. There was bit of a Mos Eisley vibe... too bad I couldn't see this shit in the 70s.

Hoping for french shit and snapped femurs.

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