Sunday, January 31, 2010

all day everyday I aint got nothin else to say

Wow, my auditions went waaaaaay better than I could have ever imagined. Got secondary meetings and survived all cuts in my group audition. Got to talk and work with heads of departments. Even if I don't get in I'm proud of what I did and really appreciate the time the panels gave me. I may or may not be in a conservatoire next year but at least I know I got a little bit of real talent. The people in the group audition were pretty good (some were AMAZING) and I walked out feeling like could at least hang/stay above water.

Checking the Rangers Caps game on thursday. Got ripped off by dangerfields and really wish I had some gâteries to check out all the galleries this week. S'all good though, I'm pretty sure my boy Pollock brings it.

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lecdm said...

fuck je viens de penser que j'aurais pu te prêter ma carte de membre à MOMA. scuse...