Thursday, January 21, 2010


My first solo expedition as lil baby karsh was a success. I'm still learning my way around the ProClick 400 ISO disposable camera but it was mad fun. Met some cool people. Went out drunk at 2 am on a Saturday night in center-town. The rest of the roll will be on my next post.

This is a stencil I may or may not have fucked up 2 years ago at like 4:30 am drunk out my mind after catching Kid Cudi at Babylon. This deformed piece of text appears to say "do you know where your children are?"

I think I took this because it said "All Day" on it...

These guys were cool as all hell. Not only did they let me take their picture in front of the houseparty they were at but they also shared party favors. If photography is always like this I'm stoked.

Darling eyes, can't get enough of your Blue baby.

My boi Fish Senior, bro was tooooooooooore up. This picture makes him look so good compared to how he was haha. Dude on right is a random transvestite who you expect to see when any member of the Poisson clan shows up.

Took this graffiti cause it looked like old Manchurian script.

Will Brad be on my third roll? Shouts to bruised tongue.

Dude is a legend on the streets of Centertown. I was all white liberal guilt on him and asked him all polite and offered him money and he simply just did not give a fuck. He inspires me as an artist.

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