Sunday, February 14, 2010

get get crackin

Back to business. Some more old pics from in and around an improvisation practice and game. Not my best work but there's some interesting stuff I think. Improvisation is a huge part of my life and you will see more pics from that scene.

Pretty good players talking in the "huddle" before a scene.

My boy Ballz Depp. Great rookie this year and will accomplish mad thingz in his life. I forced him to scale the wall and enter our storage space (we had no key). So this is him on some high ass wall.
Boy D-Nadz up in the mix with deeperino.
Not a great pic but I caught my friend Trottier at a fucking social dance class. Dude used to be on a french t.v. show and now he's trying to scope some naan on some unsuspecting mormons learning how to swing. I love it.
Improv huddle 2
My man Downtown Brown. Kid is still in high school but is pretty real. Reminds me a lot of myself at that age.
"how would you describe your style?" "Hip-hop" Nas was his n.1 m.c.
Pic I took of the crowd when I got introduced. They all squirmed when I wipped out the camera. These sob.s want to see me jump and dance like a monkey for them but they trip when I want something back? HA! Huge shouts to the chaplin tattoo.

It might not look like it but we had a long and deep discussion about afro women hair care products.
Picture of my team during a game. Love all my teamates to death but this picture screams information. N.8 is older but in her first season, she's straight up posing instead of focusing. Dude in the top right is trying to look natural for my pic. N.2 my bro Verlz is just doing his thing dude is like the wind though so no biggie. But you can tell n.4 is one of the best players in the region. She's 18 and her mind is always working at 10000% during a game. This pic was taken while the other team was on. She never turns off and that's why she's the Lebron of the game.

Max Lavoie works at a cool local theatre as a bartender. He rules.

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