Monday, February 15, 2010

Lâchez pas Haïti!

I have not said anything about the Haitian earthquake yet. The dust has settled from a media frenzy point of view so I figure now is a good time to remind people that the disaster is nowhere near over. This disaster started the day Haïti got independence and that France, the U.S.A, the U.K. and Germany got together and figured out a way they could get paid. France imposed a reparation for all their slave business that evaporated and the latter countries "helped" Haïti out with loans. This was the only way to end a full naval embargo. This disgusting debt went on well into the 20th century well after slavery had become illegal. The West was all too happy to be little slum lords though. Haitian troops defeated the French AND the British. Colonial powers would never let them gain the upper hand again. So when we say "Haiti is the poorest country in the hemisphere" that's not an accident. Nothing in society is an accident it got put there by people and structures. Now Haïti is hit with the worst possible natural disaster and we owe it to them to do anything we can to help and we are still be in debt to them once everything is cleaned up.

I have posted a lot of Haitian music on my blog in the past. Not the folklore stuff. Us whites love to see people in their cute ethnic dress prancing around being happy. I like to see what kids REALLY like. Art that can emancipate. So I'm gonna throw up some more Kréol rap. If you can understand French and you listen closely you will pick up some lines. The beats have a real darkness that I have yet to hear in any other form of hip-hop. Haitians were my first friends from other countries and these times are really hard on them. One thing that I know from history and from my life growing up is that Haitians are tough as fucking nails. Great to party with but even greater to have on your side when shit hits the fan. I think these videos evoke this. All BARIKAD CREW AND MAJIC CLICK. AND PLEASE DONATE MONEY ONLINE ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP!

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