Thursday, February 25, 2010

meant to be the way they are.

So I just got back from la Coupe Universitaire d'Improvisation aka the national championship for francophone improvisation at the university level. It was an alright time, it was my 5th and due to all my audition stuff I wasn't really as psyched for it as my previous tournaments. That being said I was really zen and the little I read about sport psychology has really helped me on stage. We didn't win by enough points to make the semi finals but the only team we lost to were the eventual champions. All in all really good time even though I had to go all the way to the god damn maritimes to do it, an almost free trip made up for it though. My pictures here could have been way better had I gotten closer to the games. Lesson learned I guess.

big-o and big-ju
The hosts of next year's tournament, Sherbrooke.

LicUQAM's bench. They are consistently one/the best team on the university circuit. The girl on the edge I thought was especially good. There are unfortunately less girls who play than guys. I think because this activity attracts young loud guys and younger artistic girls are turned off at an early age. A lot of really good female players end up being like tom boys. the LicUQAM's captain however has a much more feminine style of play and thoroughly dominated the tournament. I wish there were more players like her.

At Laval they actually have multiple leagues. This is the younger of the leagues but they were great to play with.

My boy getting his drink on in front of a Moncton liquor store.

Université de Montréal are/were the closest team to Ottawa. Over the years we have invited them many times to play in Ottawa and they always have a super posi vibe. The girl sitting on the left Véro is a player I have really enjoyed watching over the years. Props to her team mate being too embarrassed to watch!

UdM's bench I like how they are staring into space. Shouts to the faux wood at the Université Moncton.

Sans limites, sans frontières.
Not a lot of my portraits from the weekend turned out I got a few more that are waiting for next month cause I maxed out my flickr

A bunch of hot nurses.

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