Wednesday, March 24, 2010

by way of ancient artefact we can now decipher script

Your favorite up and coming photog is back at it. Still poppin my finger in the frame but yo it's my signature. Might start doing it on purpose. This is my friend's birthday in the coolest pad in la Basse-ville as well as the ole Dominion and randos. Get psyched.

First up is my girl Isabelle, shit was her birthday I drank the last of my Alpine Maxs.

This is my friend mat from high school. He pops up randomly every now and then. Good dude.

This girl is pregnant. She's really cool and will be a cool mom. I kept trying to take a pic of her fake drinking while clearly pregnant, she pussied out however. Still though I'm a fan of this here photo .

Sup Dominion look here is a college boy who thinks he's better than us!

Check my boy Pageau. Dude is real and inspires me. He's also an Iroquois shaman of the darkest arts.

Chill girl at the dom. Example of my approach sort of working.

My boy Buré. Real dude used to chill with this kid back in the early 90s. Kid was into skateboarding and got me into some punk at ripe young age. One love.

Loz Loz's bird n.1. Mad love to her for giving me her nearly full poutine doggie bag from E.S.D.

Loz Loz's bird n.2

Really cool looking girl at the Dom. No clue who she is but love her trench and makeup. Makes me want to be goth.


Jean Coutu style

Look at this kid.

Dude has packed lunches at all times of the day.

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