Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the referee gives us fuck all

K, so when I was 18 I saved up grocery store clerk money and went on a life changing adventure in (very) British Columbia. So many wild fucking stories. Some of my friends don't believe I made friends with an abandoned dog with a bandanna round it's neck living in the wilderness with other stray canines. Anyways so when I score the old Olympus there's a film in it but it's old as fuck. I thought it went bad but tried to get it developed anyways. Yup turns out I had some unreleased pics from my B.C. trip. No dogz but some wild shit.

No bandanna dogs but this is a shitty picture of at least 2 killer whales. You can see the fin of one splashing and the streak of another one underwater to the right of the frame. We were on a B.C. ferry and we got to be closer than those tourist trap whale observer boats. Whales became a very major interest of mine due to this trip.

My whale journey was not complete. My friend and travel mate Alex Poisson rented a motorcycle. Riding a tandem bike with him in Stanley Park was fucking terrifying. So I went and checked an imax movie on whales that blew my mind. This is in Victoria. A city that I would describe as a slightly nicer version of Ottawa.

When we were staying out in the woods on some gypsy/hippie campground/commune we saw these fire fighters spraying trees with chemical gunk to prevent fire. That summer was super dry and everything was yellow. All our campfires were illegal as fuck.

During the island part of our trip we made friends with an old dude who let us live in a trailer on his property. Shit was adjacent to a body of water. This is Alex and I being joke artistic... I like it!

Speaking of set up pictures.... I have no fucking clue what we were trying to communicate in this picture. The guitar was purchased in a shitty fucking pawn shop in the downtown east side of Vancouver. I wonder who it was originally stolen from?
Alex: But sir do you think this burger will be enough to fill me up? I'm really hungry you know?
BurgerBro slams his hands on the counter "God damnit boy that's more than a pound of meat"
The Stand also had a delicious and huge veggie burger. This was my first month as a vegetarian. Still here.

Alex still got extra bacon (devil's meat).

A cute little vineyard, no homo.

The following summer I was in Scotland. This a castle of some nature.

Future home.