Tuesday, July 13, 2010

eschatology baby

Go scope the movie Agora if you haven't. Shouts to my girl Hypatia. Pictures of my mocking of the imperialistic spectacle that is Dominion Day. The head of state of my masters' kingdom was here and I did enjoy reminding my fellow citizens that God in his eternal grace should save Her Majesty. Gotta say though getting destroyed on a downtown stoop in amazing weather after seeing a Malajube acoustic set was pretty fucking fun. Some chick was popping giving us all kinds of putridly sweet and alcoholic beverages. I finished my night in la Basse Ville at the illest house in the city (pics for lower town are not yet developed however) . Here are some visual documents.

This guy plays flute next to the corner store I use and hate the most. Today he's wearing red though. He's not as homeless as I thought if he has a wardrobe. Good tunes though, like speaking in tongues through a recorder.

We had a pretty sweet set up on the stoop. I wasn't wearing shorts so I had to unbutton my shirt like my ancestors. Notice the laptop and speakers and the Molson Dry.

We had an elaborate extension cord system to get us our tunes.

One thing you're gonna do is give high fives to peeps in motorcycles.

This kid fucking rules. Blank habs jersey for life.

I dunno if people do this for the fourth of July (a real reason to celebrate) but wear the flag a tube top? Sup baby

At this point in the afternoon myself and this kid have as much of a clue onto what the hell is happening around us.

Came bearing gifts I had to steal.

This girl rules, just a steady stream of jello shooters. Not my forte normally but beggars cannot be choosers.

Canada rules, it's ignoring a multitude of human rights issues to double commercial links with China. This guy knows whats up.
This kid was from Québec. He's wearing a t-shirt that translates almost literally to I DONT GIVE A FUCK! It's funny cause almost nobody understands. Now normally I think this kind of thing is a bit crass but symbolism is what's important here. Props to his parents.

These chicks were nice but they explicitly hated French-Canadian women. They really didn't see the problem in what they were saying. As francophones we kind of just laugh that sort of thing off but these girls will pump out at least 3 upper-middle class babies. Still I don't even know what we were doing in a bar.

Oh yeah, we were going to Quiznos. Post Quizno's my man was done for the day and decided to sleep it off on the human rights monument. We wrapped up the rest of his sub and sent him homeward.

Not sure if this is a mascot or a really stoked furrie.

Peace to the Gods.

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