Saturday, July 24, 2010

ran at least one test I saw

Blog lazyness is as at an all time high. Here are some pictures from Doors Open Ottawa and the rest of that week.

My man LCDM at the photoshow he put on earlier this summer. I consider this to be good documentation of the happening.

Former coworker Jake Torrie and his band chang-a-lang. This was an afternoon house show. Enjoyed the matinee vibe.

Ska Jeezy et CIE

Still at the houseshow. This punx fucked his toe up and couldn't wear his boots. He was walking barefoot in the cold Ottawa spring and some nice citizen gave him flipflops. He also had a makeshift cane probably made from a busted up chifforobe.

The Dominion is built on an old indian wedding ground.

I see this NBA everywhere.

A building close to my house was open for doors open Ottawa. I was like what can possibly be cool about this apartment building. This fucking open entrance and skylight is what's cool. More condos should try something like this.

Went to the Ottawa's main water pumping facility. Amazing how old school engineering still works today. Shitty picture of peeps kayaking close to it.

You can't see it but this meter is posting up a massive water bill

The embassy of Hungary restored an old Ottawa paper baron mansion. Thanks doors open.

Also scoped the First Christ Scientist Church some weird religion. Really unique architecture for Ottawa. They also had a wild organ concert. The keyboard is in/under the stage and the speakers are behind the ornamental design behind the podiums. It was built in the early 1920s and it truly is some proto-electronic music in terms of pushing the most advanced technology available to create music.

My man Serge Dupuis. Did my M.A. with him. Truly a genius and will go very far in life.

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