Wednesday, October 6, 2010

smashing like diego rivera

Mexicoland has been treating me pretty alright.  Still a bummer to not be in Scotland but whatever.  The land of rotten oranges has some interesting sights (coming soon).  Had 4 films on backlog.  Let's look back on the summer shall we?

Went to go bet on horses with some NBAs but I was kinda disappointed.  I was hoping to see more people at the end of their ropes yelling at their jockey to win while waving those litter papers around.  More like depressing old couples watching in complete sadness haha.  My boy JU made some serious coin though.  Most of the riders were French.  Gambling is our playground.

More neighborhood pics from la basse ville and sandy hill.

Notice the car seats on the porch.  An NBA vacation is what that is.

When Ottawa wanted to get modern french areas really suffered, a lot of folk were displaced.  This is from across King Edward which cut la basse ville in half and created 2 very different communities as well as bringing heavy truck traffic to the area.  Notice the lone building of what was once a dense city block teeming with life.

Remnants of French can still be seen..... at the homeless shelter.  My friend works there and says that there is a disproportionate amount of francos living there and only one french speaking employee (him). The root of many problems apparently.

Another great dom night.  This guy was a classic NBA if I've ever seen one.  Nice and friendly, DGAF status and not phased by the criminal element.

Post bar ran into some torontonians who put soap in a fountain.  They were pretty proud of themselves.

Prolly my favorite off this roll. 

Jeans well creamed.

Cops showed up... Unlike Mexico you can't bribe em.  Party over.

Afterparty at Major's Hill.  mmmmmmmm

More coming later.  I would say Youth Anthems and Big Baby Campbell are back but hell... we never left, fils. 

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