Thursday, October 7, 2010

stay clean, stay mean

Hola, things are starting to get a bit better in Sonora. Your boy BBC is a shark though, always planning his next move. Got my eyes set on Buenos Aires. I need a bit of rural lifestyle but I'm a big city boy at heart. I need action and I need noise. Once I change pad things should be much better. Gonna finnish some writing projects and read a bunch, get real classy you know?

Not the most exciting roll but a chapter of my summer. A bit of Bank street life and an NBA retreat. Let's go.

Elgin and Bank are the yin and yang of centertown. Gotta respect Shemale publicity. I love you Bank street, the good side of Anglo life.

I dunno why but this pile of cardboard interested me. Some guy came up and talked to me when I took this pic. IGO Cyberhouse is Les Chinois the most hood internet café in the western hemisphere and an important dwelling spot for me in the 613.

GOOD hair. I don't know where I get off telling African girls that they shouldn't straighten their PELLO. It's all love though.

Went on a weekend retreat with my girl double-A and her published author friend. Read some mad H.S.T. while getting toasted next to a lake. Her military dad was there briefly and wasn't feeling me. I got him on my side when I started asking questions about the deck. I can thrive in almost any environment.

NBAs feel at home next to a fire. Any French dude will pretty much claim he can start the best fire. Tipi that shit son.

This girl was from the VH and she was really sensitive. I kinda felt bad trying to take her pic. Cool chick tho. Didn't finish her book but what I read had some real snap to it.

Sandy Hill I think.

Some real nice art in an Elgin back alley. The city was real quick on erasing most of em. A visual representation of Mohammad in the least offensive way possible. Kinda like the staypuff marshmallow man of blasphemy. Hehehe. I wonder who made it?

Stay Atheist. Cult of Hypatia is the future.

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