Tuesday, October 12, 2010

tes addidases gazelles

Reports from cartelsylvania.  About to change resting spots.  Moving from a beautiful tourist condo to a Mexican neighborhood in the larger city. Concrete floors sparsly furnished, nice enclosed backyard.  Walking distance to a photolab.  Will be the bunker for the coming months.  Hopefully good will come of this.  In the meantime I was able to take a small amount of pictures of my life here.

First up my long ass time at the Denver Int'l Airport.  I swear not one hot girl in the place.  I felt like I was at a god damn wheat auction/demolition derby.  Apparently if there's a tornado I have to huddle up with a bunch of hicks in the bathroom?  I'll take my chances with the wrath of god. 

My current pad is close to this beach.  I made few phone calls from here.  Gotta stay posi.

Same beach.  Met some cool kids.  Ruins of half built shit every where here

I've traded in bread for Tecate.
 Cool girl I met at a bicentennario party.Mademoiselle Noriega.

 Bad pic of the fire works being launched from the roof of city hall.  Dude is in awe. Notice Mexico written in neon.

 Some dudes drumming, girl wiling out.

My neighbor.  Introduced me to most people I know here.  Eatin corn.

 You can't really tell but there is a decked out marine in the background. There was mad security at the independence day party.  People are used to it here. 

Visited my girl Nore in beautiful Nogales.  Apparently it's a murder hot bed in the cartel/corruption war here.  didn't see daylight shoot outs at the mall but there was heavy military presence on the main roads. 

 new and better stuff soon, until then

To God,

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