Monday, August 11, 2008

yo yo dye them walabees fuchsia son. hmmmmmm.


Did not post this weekend cause I was in Toronto visiting Ottawa ex-pats. Open bar hipster parties are pretty sweet.

WU TANG WEEKEND WRAP UP! This post will be dedicated to members of the Wu Tang Clan. This one of my favorite groups ever. I really don't need to go into detail because you should already know what is. The first selection is probably their biggest single in terms of popularity when it came out. TRIUMPH is a really sweet song because almost every member has a verse on it. The video is not only wicked but it also introduces you to each member. I was 13 when this came out and it did a lot to get me into hip-hop. Music history also sees this a unique single as it is around 6 minutes (which is fuckin long single wise) and it has NO CHORUS. To me it embodies Wu Tang, it's just just crashes in to your house, makes out with your sister and steals a lamp. 13 year olds today have soldier boy...

We now venture into the Wu solo projects. RAEKWON ranks up high on my list of favorite MCs. His album Only Built For Cuban Linx is pretty much one of the best albums of the 90's and considered to be very influential in gangsta rap. But to me it's not really the mafia imagery on this that I like but the feeling of constantly looking over your shoulder and trying to make a living all the whilst going through a shitty life that it evokes. It's less yo I'm the shit but more the I'm trying to get out of the shit. In grade 7 this kid Gardy in my class looked exactly like him and it was hilarious, he had a love/hate relationship with that nickname. Anyways this song makes me think of being 15 in minus 30 weather trying to not get robbed at Elmvale and trying (and probably failing) to look tough while selling fake rolexes to 19 year old Rwandans. INCARCERATED SCARFACES BY RAEKWON THE CHEF.

We now arrive to the zenith of rawness. OL' DIRTY BASTARD, possibly one of the greatest musical geniuses of our time. One of those straight up mentally ill artists that is just light years beyond us normal kids, he's on that real Van Gogh shit. The song is BROOKLYN ZOO PROPER. This is just so punch you in the face. No one will ever be like Ason Unique. His entire first album (Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version) was entirely freestyled. Big Baby Jesus is Big Baby Campbell approved. If you don't like this, not only are you not my friend but I hope you never reproduce and raise hater kids. ENJOY.


Don't worry there will be many more Wu Tang Weekend Wrap Ups where we will cover other members. In the meantime we will stick to ODB. He's called the bastard because there is no father to his style. I leave you with an AMAZING interview and drunken freestlye/poem/something. ODB RIP.


curdsade said...

yo! it would have been awesome (but totally obvious) if you were to put the ODB clip of him runnin up on the stage at the awards show yellin "WU TANG IS FO THE CHILDREN!"


big baby campbell said...

It will show up on the blog one day.