Thursday, August 14, 2008

life as (looking for) a shorty shouldn't be so rough

Today's theme is love. My love. My love for celebrity musician ladies. Simple hotness is not enough to make the list. It's a conjuncture of beauty, STYLE and my love of their music. The women you will see today are all celebrities that, if I met them, the situation would become ultra awkward due to me actually being in love with them. I would abandon my own children for a simple afternoon of hand holding with these mamasitas.

First up is a young woman who has gotten a lot of attention these past years. You might already know her story about her Sri Lankan origin so I'm not going to bore you with that. M.I.A.'s music is straight up awesome arular and kala are easily in my most listened albums on my ipod. She is also a great visual artist and her badassness is unmatched (she was on a terrorism watch list in the u.s.). She also talks about the world wide ghetto which appeals to my white man's guilt. seriously though her videos reminds of the last city bus to leave my high school aka united nations of hood. My chances of getting with her: medium. due to the fact I have U.K. citizenship and could relocate just for her if need be. The song is her first single GALANG I chose this because its the video that showcases her beautiful face the most. When I saw her live I felt like what I imagine first time heroine use to be like.

In a similar vein we have french electrop pop/rap superstar YELLE. Now she's a special case for me. Her biggest hit and the video I am showcasing JE VEUX TE VOIR is a straight up diss track against a previously featured artist Cuizinier. I think she realizes that her fame is based off of his name though. It's like a hot girl that you will temporarily sacrifice key guy friendships for. But I dunno she's so hot she might just be "the girl who ruined iain"for my friends. Sigh... My chances of getting with her: high she's pretty much my age, we have the same native tongue and we have similar interests and backgrounds. Her style is out of this world and she's so hot that she almost makes me feel ugly :( When I saw her live it was like having little cherubs playing music in my heart.

Finally we have CAT POWER aka Chan Marshall. The odd one out. Not poppy or fun but folky and sad. Her voice is super haunting. At first I didn't like her music that much cause it sort of depressed me too much but as I have grown older and the weight of modern life crushes my soul I have started listening to this on a daily basis. Earlier in the blog's life I said that depressed girls suck me in, well she falls into this category. The song is called LIVED IN BARS which I find to be more upbeat than a lot of her stuff. Like for the other videos today it was chosen for hotness showcase more than me loving the song. chances of me and Chan being together: very low. She's a lot older than me and has other shit to deal with. If it would work out her bummed out state would be a black hole consuming and destroying all my love. THAT BEING SAID when I saw her in concert I swear to fucking god we made eye contact and it was magical. (i totally sounded like BSB fan there.).

BONUS: not françoise hardy because she will be back later BUT some MINOR THREAT! wait what? Check the clip at around 35 seconds a girl comes up and starts singing along. I love you mystery girl, wherever you are! The song is called FILLER and it's amazing.

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