Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Now I think I finally understand

My recent posts have been so feminine I have actually started menstruating. Not only have I spent 25$ on coffee crisp chocolate bars I have bloodied a perfectly good pair of business casual khakis. The doctor told me the only cure for pussyness is to man the fuck up, BLOG STYLE. So this is it I'm tooling up and ready to make the name Youth Anthems ring out in the Baltimore high rise projects. Our theme today is punch you in the motherfucking face hip hop from the late 90's and early 2000s. 3 of the 4 songs on today's post were featured on my championship run at the local Ottawa Ipod Battle. Shout out to Team Intifada DJs.

Let's start with the SUPERTHUG by NOREAGA. Came out in 1998 but I really got into it in 1999/2000 aka grade 10. An early track to be produced by The Neptunes. Back then I had no idea who The Neptunes were but I really loved all their singles without knowing the common thread of chad and pharrelian production. I used to listen to this on my DIAMOND RIO aka the first mp3 player ever released. It had like 25 megabytes of room and ate batteries like the Japanese eat hot dogs at Coney Island. The chorus of just yelling what is pure genius.

Another 1998 song is RUFF RYDERS ANTHEM by DMX. This was a song that I would watch muchmusic/musiqueplus every waking second just for a chance to hear it. It's dark and hell is hot was my favorite album in grade 9. My friends and I bootlegged copies in my highschool with photocopied covers printed on blue paper. Shit was my intro to crime. DMX might sort of suck these days but I can't see how you can't like this song. That whole album was soooo good at the time. My 13-14 year old brain could not imagine music getting any better than this. Which is pretty hilarious in retrospect. You about to get earl simmoned.

Now for this last song I want you to stop reading if you are pregnant, suffering from heart problems or if you're a bitch. This is some LIVE shit. Probably the best "punch you in the face" song in the history of hip hop. Especially the version with the Funkmaster Flex intro. M.O.P.'s ANTE UP. The be all end all of getting riled the fuck up. I remember reading a rolling stone review of the song and they said it "wasn't scary like a fight it was scary like war." the year 2000 version of Iain was like "whoa, rolling stone just read my mind". M.O.P. stands for MASH OUT POSSE which was the same name of the gang that Lil Fame and Bill Danze were part of. They are from Brownsville, Brooklyn which is where John Gotti was a streetgang member as a teenager. Nothing gets more real than this. Also there's a line in the song that goes "hats, food, booze, essentials, credentials" Shout out to Dan Hooligan who I went to visit in T.O. to buy a hat, eat burritos and drink at an open bar. MOP speaks the truth!


A 2003 one hit wonder, but what a hit. BONECRUSER's NEVA SCARED. Amazing video, amazing song. Bonecrusher was my favorite character on the Def Jam Fight For New York video game.

Now go out and start a fight with bitch that don't deserve the chain he wearin.



curdsade said...


great fucking post, mon ami! great fucking post!

curdsade said...


great fuckin post, my friend. great fucking post!