Tuesday, August 26, 2008

you won't have to ask if i still care

It's time for some NEW MUSIC (sort of)! Since we are chained to the video format really new stuff is hard to come by. A lot of my posts are about older stuff so I decided to get hip to what young hepcats are jiving and bepopping to at the local jazz clubs and army legion. So we will be featuring videos that came out since at least June.

Ok first up is a group I recently got wise to, the MYSTERY JETS, from London. Their second album 21 came out in march but the most recent single (which I am really liking) HALF IN LOVE WITH ELIZABETH came out yesterday. The song is about dude seeing another girl on the side but they found a way to make the video pretty funny. Cool new band with a cool video means you get BIG BABIED.

Next up is one of my favorite new bands that I really tried to hate. That's how cool I am. I am on that next level hatred shit. VAMPIRE WEEKEND. They are so borderline whiteboy-worldbeat-ripoff-douchebags it's not funny. But it's like they barely stay inbounds of my love. Anyways they have been making a lot of noise and are music journalist darlings that will probably be SEVERELY backlashed on their second album (see teenage fanclub post). Anyways they are really catchy and easy to listen to (oh crap I made a reference to easy listening, kill me if I start listening to magic 100). The song is OXFORD COMMA, the single came out in May but the video premiered in late June. The vid seems to be influenced by the WES ANDERSON directed Mastercard commercial. It's a really beautiful video.

Next up is ESTELLE's most recent video. Apparently her album differs from the wicked first single American Boy feat Kanye. The video came out on the 18th. I post it because a small town welsh girl Duffy and the fat English girl Adele are getting a lot of love for their soul revival shit and Estelle called them out on appropriating her culture. Now being a white boy who constantly appropriates black culture I feel that if you're gonna do that you have to step the fuck up because you are gonna get much deserved scrutiny. Cuizinier is GOOD, Paul Wall is GOOD whereas Adele and Duffy are getting pushed like hell and Estelle is getting buried. Estelle is way better than those two. The track is called PRETTY PLEASE feat CEE-LO. Bow down to a soul singer that's greater than you.


Final video of the day is a bit older (came out in may) it is called STRESS by French house band JUSTICE. It got banned by a lot of stations but in my opinion it's the VIDEO OF THE YEAR. It is the least dancy song on their great album Cross and the video goes in complete opposition of their previous squeaky clean efforts. It's inspired by the great French film La Haine. A MUST WATCH VIDEO.

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