Friday, September 12, 2008

Call you up but what's the use

Getting a BMX was the best thing I did this summer. Like I always say its a car you can drive drunk! Giving rides to people on the pegs is where it's at (shout out to katou shopping, p-skilz, c-dubs and the spraklez). Funny that the only time I ever injured myself on the bike was when I was standing motionless. I was bit juiced up outside the Babylon nightclub and for some reason I fell down like a tree. I drunkenly BMXed home and woke up the next morning with blood on my sheets my shin had gushed pretty good without me ever realizing it. But I swear to god it's safe to get on the big baby mobile, lil africa will get you home safe. There's a sort of west coast theme today but not really.

First video is fairly new having come out in late april. It's from Torontonian electro duo CRYSTAL CASTLES. I vote that castles becomes the new "wolf" aka a word that is in every single band name. Imagine bands called white castles or frank castles? it could work... Uh... Anyways I don't know much about the group but the video is pretty cool. Alice Glass playing with her hoodie reminds of my ultrafriend JOSÉE BUSINESS.

Ok now I'm bringing 1998 back. The embryonic stage of the south's dominance of mainstream rap. HA by JUVENILE. The first star out of Cash Money records. Lil Wayne is the big thing right now and pitchfork is severely viagra'd on him to the point they were defending him when The Clipse finally fired back at his ridiculous bullshit. Music journalism will look back and be embarrassed for giving such praise to this kid. He will be the flock of seagulls of our generation. And this isn't me hating I like a lot of his songs but not to the point of viagra side effect giving boners. ANYWAYS my fuckin point is that you can briefly see his 15 year old ass in this video hiding behind Juvenile. Funny side story this video made me miss the bus in grade 9. To me it was like a hip hop punk song. I had never heard anything like it, the weird rhymes the thumping snare. Also you can see that pre-Katrina Nawlins was still a hell hole. When the vice principal asked me why I was late I told him all about Juvenile. The asshole still gave me detention.

To wrap it up we are going mellow. ICE CUBE - TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY. Ice Cube on his good days (get it?) is in my top 5 rappers of all time. Downtempo music from warm climates FTW.

b0nu5 $h1t5

SNOOP! He is one of the only big rappers today who can really freestyle off the top his head. One CLASSIC Rap City Freestyle that goes super long and an impromptu freestyle off 106 & Park. These are the videos you want to click today.

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