Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's not the way I choose to live

No theme. My dad called me a jack daniels of all trades yesterday. I think that was the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me. SPEAKING OF NICE THINGS. My intifada ibroheem Paul G said some real nice things about me on his wicked blog, many thanks!

Ok so I keep hearing about this Brooklyn place. All that Williamsburgh shit, the new L.E.S. whatever whatever. From all the stuff I read about it I just imagine it as being like vancouver's east hastings but with deathly skinny hipsters instead of deathly skinny heroin users. I talk a big game but if ever the opportunity arose I would move there in a second. My bags wouldn't even be unpacked and I would start talking about it like if I had been born there, pure douchestyle. Ok, we have another cell phone commercial song (the source of cocain funds for all indie bands) YEA YEAH by hipster brooklynites MATT AND KIM. They are coming to Ottawa soon and I will be there pretending to not like them, haha.

Next up we have a real played out song PRO NAILS by KID SISTER but she doesn't have any more recent videos so I gotta give you this. Anyways, I missed her when she came to Ottawa which bummed me out bad. I just watched an interview with her and I really think that we could be best of friends/soul mates. Again I say this in the creepiest and most fanboyish way possible. She's was/possibly still is dating DJ A-TRAK who is french canadian. I might have a chance! Her second album was supposed to be called COCO BEWARE (wow!) but now is apparently being called DREAM DATE (meh). I wish I had a machine to make beats.

Now I'm gonna hit you with an old school joint. TOUS LES GARÇONS ET LES FILLES BY FRANÇOISE HARDY. I've posted about her before. I talk about hotness a lot but I truly think Françoise Hardy is the most beautiful woman ever. This song is from 1962. She was 18 when this song came out and she wrote almost everything she sang (including this song). The video is really cool and has that French New Wave feel to it. If you are going to watch only one video today do yourself a favor and don't be bitch, just click it.


I thought about doing an all GORILLA BISCUITS post but they really have bad classic footage on youtube which is a total bummer. Once for an acting class at university we had to like answer these questions about ourselves. One question was what music resembles you the most. Some assholes said shit like Mozart or "I don't know" when it got to me I was like "yo, the Gorilla Biscuits discography." They are funny yet serious, laid back yet tough and awesome yet fucking awesome. Stagediving at their show was a moment I will remember for the rest of my life. DEGREDATION is the song and racism is fuckin wrong! (two versions!)

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