Friday, September 5, 2008

I can't get it out of my mind

I just finished a month of full time training to become an expert debt collector at one of the largest financial institutions in the WORLD. I am a cog in the punk killing machine. I deal with this harrowing fact by drinking a lot of my juice and doing the blog. I've had a long week so i'm doing a random new (or semi new) music themed post. Now take into consideration this isn't stuff that I love yet, it's just new.

SANTOGOLD. Female songstress that has gotten pretty big over the past year. Some of her songs were on commercials and the EA hockey video game (wtf?). I was first exposed to her when I was the Osheaga music festival in Montréal last year. Walked in on her show by accident and reacted like the kid in the Da Funk video "yo that's a GOOD song!". Got home and illegally downloaded her singles. I heard her get some static on the internet because she's apparently ripping off M.I.A. ..... uuuuuh? I think that's sort of sexist/racist. Maybe one of her songs (creator) kinda has the M.I.A. vibe but the rest I couldn't even think of making the comparison I guess women of color can't make non Alicia Keyes sounding music. This video dates of this summer it's called LIGHTS OUT.

CSS aka Cansei de Ser Sexy. Another brazillian band but totally not baile funk. Just hipsterish electro. Sometimes sung in Portuguese sometimes English. I saw them with Bonde Do Role and Diplo a couple of summers ago. Amazing show but they ranked lower than Diplo and Bonde for me. Anyways an Ipod commercial blew them up. I thought it was funny cause I had forgot about them completely and the Ipod Touch brought them back in my life. I really think they have an advantage of being "exotic" it adds an easy point out of 10 in their reviews. Everything doesn't have to be 9.3, 7.6 bands are also enjoyable. This song to me is very Friday pre going out evening, that and it's new from 2 days ago gives the video an apparition on YOUTH ANTHEMS. The song is called MOVE.

NO AGE. Now this band I have been told by people I have to like them. Like they are gonna be the shit. I am sort of liking the song but I can really see them become a "band I really tried to like but I don't". Apparently they are from some weird "factory" like collective in L.A. or something. Which I guess is pretty neat. I wish I could have chilled with Warhol back in the day I could have been a chubby Nico. The video is called ERASER which is apparently a fusion of two songs. Wait and see approach with this band. Can't deny this track has "something" to it though. The video is cool too. Subpop seems to be on its grind these days.


A classic BET's Rapcity freestyle. It's got one of the best vj's in the history of tv BIG TIGGER as well as my favorite homophobes BUJU BANTON and ELEPHANT MAN. Old BET, a kinder gentler time... sigh.

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