Thursday, September 4, 2008

You remind me of a real short story

For all of those who can't wait for something that is well written and not vulgar, the Myriam post will be here by Saturday. During the summer of 2003 I took a cliché coming of age vision quest in western Canada. Myself and my friend Alexandre flew to Vancouver and hitchhiked all over the province. We had a very small tape player that we baptized Bellini. We also had a very limited number of tapes so we ended up listening to the same songs over and over again. Here is a "best of" of sorts.

One tape I found in my house and had no idea I even owned was either appetite for destruction or just a GUNS N' ROSES best of which are pretty much the same thing. For some reason we dug the song MY MICHELLE. Don't ask me why but when I hear it I picture the first nation reserve we crashed at a couple of nights and being the most tore up I have ever and will ever be in my entire life.

I also made a mixtape. One song I put on was inspired by a place we got to know pretty well aka the asshole of the universe. EAST HASTINGS. Legendary Montréal experimental band GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR has a "song" of the same name. I would love to see these guys live one day but they are pretty much broken up I think. This track was sweet for slower aspects of our journey. From what I remember this is a shorter version of the song, video made by a youtube kid.

Next song was from a tape Alexandre found in a box at the summer camp he was working at. Kinda cliché classic rock mix. CAT STEVENS fuckin rules though, WILD WORLD was the track. It has a pretty cool feel to it when you are camping under a bridge. Makes me think of the ocean and the hippie commune we briefly lived on. Fucking amazing times.

Bonus. As a joke I put on a song I hated at the time SURFING IN TOFINO by THE PLANET SMASHERS because that was our goal, get to Tofino and surf. It grew on me during the trip. It now forever holds a place in my heart, fuck.

One day I will finish the non fiction story I am writing about this legendary trip.

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