Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I still believe

This past weekend I went to see an exhibit on 1930's art. Fascist Italy produced some awesome art. The Nazis? only if you like naked dudes rowing and doing exercise. I also got to visit the fair city of Buffalo to watch the Bills play. It was mental as fuck. The tailgaiting is like being in Mad Max but more post-apocalyptic. Today's theme is music from WES ANDERSON movies. The kid has wicked taste.

First movie featured is RUSHMORE. Pretty much my favorite movie of all time. The song is I AM WAITING by THE ROLLING STONES. I recently read 2 interviews one with Mick Jagger and the other with Keith Richards and I said to myself "I really need to check out their shit". As a kid I just saw the Stones as being disgusting old dudes that my dad liked. How wrong I was. The song is off their album Aftermath which is apparently when they became good at music. Keith and Mick become G certified in songwriting here. The song appears in the movie when Max is at rock bottom. The video is a really cool live performance from the classic show Ready Steady Go in 1966.

Part 2. Wes Anderson gets on the mainstream map with THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS. Everybody loves this movie. Only thing I would say is not enough BILL MURRAY. Good lord I want to be that man. The song was a really hard choice here which makes me think that like the WU TANG WEEKEND wrap up we might have a Wes Anderson version of that feature. I picked the song JUDY IS A PUNK by THE RAMONES. The song is off their self titled album which is pretty much a perfect record. I picked this song because its from the part when Royal is fucking shit up with his grandkids. That reminded me of my BMX afternoon with my little cousins this summer. Best times ever. The video is apparently from a 1974 performance, quality is bad but you can still make out the lyrics.

Episode 3. LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU. A movie that was panned by critics. I, however, would say it was panned by haters. Sure it wasn't as tight as his three first movies but it was another visual homerun. The soundtrack is also great and actually created songs for the movie. DAVID BOWIE, LIFE ON MARS? Wouldn't say I'm a Bowie superfan but he did pump out some tight tracks. My dad apparently gave in a Bowie song as a poem for english class, he got like a B or something. HA. The video is pretty damn cool and it's a fuckin epic song.

Grande Finale. THE DARJEELING LIMITED. This movie blew my mind. It takes Life Aquatic's grand slam visuals and Rushmore's heart. I really felt a connection to this film. That being said the soundtrack is mostly composed of music used in Bollywood films. I couldn't find a good enough video for one of The Kinks' songs on the soundtrack so I went with 60's one hit wonder PETER SARSTEDT. The track is WHERE DO YOU GO TO MY LOVELY is a very important part of the movie (especially the prologue HOTEL CHEVALIER) as it is played in association to the soul destroying ex girlfriend that dumped Jason Schwartzman's character. I feel him. Reeaaaaaaaallly good song.


I know I've gone long enough already but I would be dumb not to feature SEU JORGE Brazilian singer who plays a member of Steve Zissou's crew. He covers David Bowie tracks in Portuguese. Yup.

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