Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Always been told that I've got too much pride

I have good friend named Tim. He coined the word "ooooh" and is like Lex Luthor. All around good dude. The other day we were watching NFL football at his house and we were talking about stuff. Like how I loved his team's name in last year's fantasy league, CUTLER FEVER. Now Jay Cutler is a really good QB who plays for the Denver Broncos (tim's supposed team, although I am actively trying to convert him to my BUFFALO BILLS). As we were watching Jay Cutler on the sidelines sans helmet and tim's like "oooooooh he's got hair like you! punk hair! vegetarian hair!" And I was like yo, Jay Cutler rules and I'm happy to sort of look like him. This post is dedicated to all artsy sport fans aka the Jay Cutlers out there.

First musicvideo is pretty fucked up in the sense that it's NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. Its fucked up that when you're a really young boy you like gay shit (as in homosexual, not bad). Like Michael Jackson I liked the New Kids in the late 80's. Probably why most pedophiles hit up little boys and not little girls, they like the same stuff. So yeah NKOTB's comeback. The reason I'm even bothering with this is cause I love the show Entourage and how that's supposed to be Mark Wahlberg's life. Well that would mean that Johnny Drama is actually Donnie Wahlberg. Seeing him get a moment to shine makes think of that episode where Johnny Drama goes on Jimmy Kimmel. That and Ne-Yo is an amazing singer songwriter. I present to you the worst song ever to be featured on my blog SINGLE by NKOTB.

Next video is another one from MALAJUBE. ETIENNE D'AOUT is my favorite song on their album Tromp L'Oeil and I am shocked I had no idea there was a video for it! Not only that but it's one of the best musicvideos I have EVER seen. Funerals are so heavy. I fucking hate them, this video/song combo is real cathartic though.

Next up is an artist I was 100% sure I was going to loathe, FINAL FANTASY. Mainly because of the name and cause he was Canadian but when I saw him live at the Bluesfest last year I was really blown away by his performance. He's got a new video which looks cool but the song isn't super good. So I included his cover of Mariah Carey's Fantasy.


Not even a song. Today I purchased my first album in years and it wasn't even music. I bought JEN KIRKMAN's stand up comedy on iTunes. Holy fuck. I am in love with her. She's my new celebri-crush. Watch her get drunk and talk about slavery.

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