Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And she only sleeps when it's raining

I was in the MTL Monday to catch a game of the glorious tri-colore a.k.a. le Canadiens. Bummed we lost in a shoot out but getting tore up with my lil-sis at the Bell center is friggin priceless. You can't take us anywhere and I wouldn't have it any other way. Today my post might be a little bit on the sad end of things but god damn is it good. The 3 videos I'm going to hit you with are pure quality. Act like you know.

Let's start it off with one of my favorite NEIL YOUNG songs, OUT ON THE WEEKEND. The lyrics kind of evoke my current reality. The video was filmed at the BBC tv studios and I think it's real special. I love to listen to Neil with a couple of beers in me, it makes life bearable.

Next up is Montréal art-rappers LOCO LOCASS. They really push hip-hop into original directions. The song, M'ACCROCHER?, is about suicide. After aboriginal peoples in Canada francophones have the highest rate of suicide. Its almost as if nearly every family has someone somewhere who ended their own life. It's one of the biggest killers of young people and should be treated as a public health problem. It kills more people than a lot of the diseases we have marathons and ribbons for and it should be more openly talked about. I find this video and song to be really powerful.

And on another suicidal note we have NEW ORDER and the great song AGE OF CONSENT. The first song of the album power, corruption & lies. When I listen to it it's like Ian Curtis is still alive until the vocals kick in. I also try to imagine how Joy Divison would have evolved if Ian had lived. So many cool ways of looking at this song/video. The video is from a BBC radio session and it is fucking brilliant. Shit is electric yo.

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