Thursday, December 4, 2008

Promise you anything, I'll never lie

Haven't posted in awhile. Going to see the Habs and the Bills this weekend. It's going to be pretty intense. Today's post is big on videos and short on text. Essentially it's about how New York City was hip-hop and all this hate on this soulja boy nonsense is getting us nowhere. Rap sales are going down and it's a good thing. Big beat gritty yet thoughtful NYC hip-hop might get a chance and being relevant again. Today we have classic NAS giving a shout out to everybody, BIGGIE freestyling on a Bed-Stuy corner, BIG L repping harlem, Strong Island's finest RAKIM on one of his less classic tracks that's still better than 98% of kids on the come up, Queens' own PRODIGY of Mobb Deep on some new mixtape shit and finally some Brooklyn bullshit with JOELL ORTIZ who I think if signed to the correcte label could be our saviour. Enjoy.

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