Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To the maximum

Man I gotta step my blog game up a little bit here. I don't like my decreasing level of posts as time goes on. I'm going to try to turn December into Youthcember. Maybe redesign the layout create some new graphics for this thing, get real crazy. In other news NFL in Toronto fucking sucks. You know your city is shitty when people would rather go to BUFFALO for sports games. If it wasn't for my amazing friends who live there I would have no reason to go there, ever. I also went to MTL for a habs game. My sister and I sang made up songs about the habs and we were superstars of our section. People wanted the lyrics to our chants AND we drank beers with straws.... The Campbells are a dangerous bunch. Last friday was also DISORGANIZED a monthly Ottawa dance night I've been going to for a couple of years now. Good times overall the girls get dressed up and they're hot (and coked up :( ). I went with my great friend PASCALE CONSPIRACY. We got pretty stupid as usual and we were on some next level shit. Way ahead of the rest of the crowd. Some douchy ultra gay guy used the word tranny as an insult and we just took it and ran with it. This post is dedicated to gender bending dance rappers.

N.1 is gay hip hop duo SGT. SASS. with a pretty cool baltimore club remix of their song HOMO HOMIE. This video is really gay (haha)

Next up is a pair of lesbian rappers who have been making a lot of noise recently YO MAJESTY. The song I am sharing is CLUB ACTION. These girls just come off as being fucking hard I'm surprised they do party rap and not straight up murder shit. Get into it.

Finally we have something that is not at all gender bending but it is dancey.... The undisputed song of the summer DAY N' NITE by KID CUDI. He was on the cover of XXL recently and he's on Kanye's new and wonderful album. I predict big time celebrity for this guy. I saw him at disorganized this summer and it was amazing. Not only cuz of the music but also cuz my friend Jon Linke and I were hammered and jumped on the stage at the end. Shit I also had an afterparty beside the Rideau Canal. Hands down one of the best nights this summer. This video is brand spankin new and it's the crookers remix of the song.


I think I might write up an entire review of Kanye's album.

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thekiiid said...

I think "Walcott" may be the best song on the Vampire Weekend album