Friday, February 6, 2009

as we proceed to give you what you need

First off I want to give a shout out to my boy Barack Obama a good friend of mine tearing up the D.C. scene. Because of him there was a 44% off sale over at MISHKA not only a great streetwear brand but also one of the best blogs on the internet. They cover the shit I identify with in hipsterdom you know? What I would consider the manly version of hipster shit. Anyways I bought a boatload of shit during the sale and was wearing this fly keep watch long sleeve last night. I also had Myriam's dad's plaid Kangol hat. I kind of had a biggie type vibe. At the post improv bar people were showing love for the look and it felt great. The French (from France) girl who works at the pivik even came up to me. I should have fuckin followed up on that DAMNIT! Her accent in English alone was worth it. After I went to Rock N Roll Pizza Party. I almost didn't go but The Cramps came on in my shuffle and i felt like the demonic ghost of Lux Interior possessed my body to party, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. Chilled with some great kids Alexandra, Dave Dave and Jon specifically, that being said there are a lot of fucking assholes in Ottawa who hang out there. Hipster rap is the theme, fuck the haters.

YELLE doesn't really rap all the time but whatever. It was pretty damn cool to see a francophone musician on American network television singing in French. The vocals on this video aren't as good as when I saw her this summer. The song is A CAUSE DES GARÇONS (which everyone has heard a million times). Yelle needs a new album pretty badly. Still though check out the clip.

Now if you saw me this summer you probably saw me rolling BMX. I don't want to sound like a dick or nothing though but FUCK fixies. There's nothing like leaning the fuck back on your bmx on a bright sunny day. Having your jordans 1s match your custom NHL hat and defunct hardcore band tshirt riding that bitch one handed and drinking a bit of diet pepsi and smiling at all the shorties that you pass by on bank street. Mmmmmmm. This video and song is the must click of the fucking WEEK. COOL KIDS - BLACK MAG. It's about dope as shit bmx bikes. I probably won't ever be able to do a 180 but god damn does it feel great to cruise on a bmx.

Finally you know me I can't let Yelle get the last word. C'EST POUR MIEUX GAGNER, a promo thing for CUIZINIER aka YUNG CUEEZY. I swear Teki and Cueeze's mixtape game is so tight the next TTC album will annihilate everything that moves. Mark my words. Slight Yelle diss in this clip if you look closely. This video was my life circa October of last year.

p.s. click on the Cool Kids video.


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