Thursday, February 5, 2009


We lost somebody very important yesterday LEGENDARY band, The Cramps' lead singer Lux Interior. I have posted cramps videos in the past but never went into the details of the profound impact they have had on my life. The group that has started me on the path I am on today. No joke I became hooked after seeing them on the anti-gravity room (best show ever) back in 95 during the 6th grade. My first intro to the concept of music existing outside the mainstream. It sparked the desire of attaining "secret knowledge" in terms of culture that could give me a sense of superiority over loser jocks. FUCK, I love The Cramps. I am really depressed that I will never see them live now... For those who don't know almost all hipster shit has a link to Lux and The Cramps. The people who formed Minor Threat and members of the Bad Brains went to their show in D.C. back in the day. A legendary moment in the birth of hardcore.


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