Thursday, April 30, 2009

album you should listen to vol. 1

Again, longtime no post. I have been furiously working at the national archives with my lil sis who I have hired as a research assistant. We haven't killed each other yet which is a good thing but we have caught beef with security. That's a pretty normal thing with us though. Good times. Now today I'm going to push the format a little bit. Instead of posting the traditional 3 music videos under 1 theme I will upload an album. This will be the first in a series of weekly or bi-weekly installments called "album you should listen to". Like the videos it will either be new music I deem "important" or straight up classics you might have slept on or just don't currently have on your hard drive. Hopefully some of you will download a record once in awhile.

To start us off on this aural journey is possibly the coolest band in hardcore. I think most people will say Trapped Under Ice is current king of the core but they are not the coolest band. That championship belt is worn by non other than Sacramento's TRASH TALK. I posted an interview a while back that proves my point. They play a very fast yet brooding type of hardcore. Listening to their progression as a band I truly believe they are something special and as their sound evolves they might get really big. Shit, Steve Albini produced their self titled album. THE NEXT NIRVANA! I am giving you the E.P entitled PLAGUES that came out in 2008. 6 songs totaling 5 minutes and 15 seconds. I would say the stand out track is MANIFEST DESTINATION. If you don't have it already, cop that shit.


1. Scatter
2. Babylon, CA
3. Flood
4. Manifest Destination
5. Lepers To Feed The Lepers
6. Kill The Snakes

Download here.

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