Saturday, May 9, 2009

music you should listen to vol 2.

Happy saturday kids. I'm going to go see Star Trek tonight and I am pumped up. I hope it can preserve Ole Gene's vision though. I will give you all the Youth Anthems review plus tard.

I am giving you 1998's F#A#∞ (pronounced f-sharp, a-sharp infinity) by GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR. A perfect mix of high art, anarcho-punk and ancestors of the modern day hipster. GYBE (I decided to not give a fuck about the exclamation mark) is one of the greatest MTL band's of all time and was always unanimously revered within my local hardcore scene here in Ottawa. This release contains music that was heavily edited for the beginning scene in 28 Days Later. It work pretty well in the movie but the rest of the soundtrack kind of rips off their style and it goes against their omnipresent punk ethos. I have no problem though if a small concession means a band can keep going or give them some financial comfort. Nothing wrong with getting your slice of the pie na mean? Anyways the music is great to listen lying on your bed and zoning out. I also want to add that I appreciate this record a lot more at 24 than I did at 17 which is pretty cool cause I liked it back then.

F#A#∞ - Godspeed You Black Emperor

1. The Dead Flag Blues – 16:27

1. The Dead Flag Blues (Intro) – 6:37
2. Slow Moving Trains – 3:33
3. The Cowboy... – 4:17
4. (;Outro) – 2:00

2. East Hastings – 17:58

1. '...Nothing's Alrite in Our Life...'/Deadflagblues (Reprise) – 1:35
2. The Sad Mafioso... – 10:44
3. Drugs in Tokyo -– 3:43
4. Black Helicopter – 1:56

3. Providence – 29:02

1. Divorce & Fever... – 2:44
2. Dead Metheny.. – 8:07
3. Kicking Horse on Brokenhill – 5:53
4. String Loop Manufactured During Downpour... – 4:36
5. J.L.H. Outro – 4:08

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