Thursday, May 21, 2009

sometimes i don't know

Today is such a beautiful day. I have an upload post ready but I will publish it on a later date. Today I return to the traditional format of the video first policy we hold here at Youth Anthems. I also need to update the look of the blog I think. I'm thinking going from "kinda shity looking" to "sort of less shitty looking".

Today's theme is OLD SCHOOL FEMALE FRONTED 90's ROCK. We are going to have 1 shitty yet nostalgically hilarious band, 1 actually amazing band and 1 nostalgic guilty pleasure that I should consider shitty. But before we go into the theme I think I should let you know about a new artist.

SPEECH DEBELLE is a female rapper from England and I gotta say I enjoy the way she's using the form that is hip hop. She maintains a youthful honesty all while keeping her dignity as a woman which is sometimes sadly (and not so sadly) thrown out the window with female MCs. The song is called GO THEN BYE. Might be a bit safe but I really like it.


N.1 is possibly one of the bands I suffered through the most through MuchMusic and MusiquePlus... VERUCA SALT. I thought they were Canadian they had so much airtime but no they were from Chicago and just caught on the whole grunge shit. The girls were also considered to be hot for the particular scene they were trying to evoke. Their first single isn't too bad if you're looking at it from a nostalgia point of view. It's called SEETHER. Videos from this era all had fish eye lenses and fucking cats in them (as well as skateboarding sometimes). If I were to do a video for a local band I would just copy the shit of this type video.

Now we go with a video that came out during the same period (1993-1994) called SAINTS by THE BREEDERS. Aka Kim Deal's "other" band. Great shit, great 90s video feels way more authentic than the previous video. All around great vibe from the 90s alterna-grunge wave that hit the mainstream.

Now we have the final phase of this female alterna-grunge wave with English group REPUBLICA. Jesus I really liked their singles and videos in grade 6-7-8. They added in electronic elements that foreshadowed the coming breakout popularity of electronic music culture. You might recognize the catchy song READY TO GO. Not a lot of artistic merit but it reminds me a lot of days spent glued to the god damn music video channel.

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