Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hot girls everywhere

I want to spark off this post by saying I don't think the girl from transformers is hot. Sure she's "hot" and I would totally slobber over her magazine spreads if I was 9 years old but fuck it. She reaches a point of magazine hotness that makes her completely unattractive to me. Her so called good looks put her in a zone where she becomes as abstract as algebra or astro-physics. I also think it's a crime that bumblebee doesn't talk.

K, video time. Got some good stuff for you today. Since we're already talking about girls let's look at a video g-paul sent me last night. Relatively new French electro band called MAKE THE GIRLS DANCE and their song is called BABY BABY BABY. I'm pretty sure they had big baby campbell in mind when they wrote up those lyrics. The song is aight and there's some pg-13 nudity up in the video which is always a must.

Next up is a new group MAJOR LAZER! If you haven't heard it yet it's king DIPLO and Switch. Their whole deal is that they are bringing a real Jamaican vibe to modern dance music. The DIPLO/SANTOGOLD mixtape might be my most listened to release of 2008. Diplo was clearly going nuts with the reggae. I think Major Lazer is an extension of this. I also have to hype this shit cause I won a free Major Lazer tshirt of the Mad Decent blog and I am wearing that shit as we speak. Oh yeah, the video is particularly amazing towards the end. This will warm the heart of anybody who remembers action figure commercials. So I give you the Jamaican super-hero MAJOR LAZER (feat mr. lexx and santigold) and the song HOLD THE LINE. Must click of the day.

Major Lazer - "Hold The Line" ft. Mr. Lexx and Santigold from Downtown Music on Vimeo.

Last up is an old school joint that I discovered by accident. Pure 80's babe KIM WILDE. I knew of her song Kids in America in high school cause shitty Canadian band Len covered it for a movie. Ironically that song was huge in the UK but didn't really make noise in America. Her bigger single was YOU KEEP ME HANGIN' ON. I "discovered" this track because I downloaded like 500 80's pop songs for an ipod battle. My ipod is filled with a lot shit now but this song came on once on shuffle and blew my mind. The single version is short but the version I have on my ipod is like 7 minutes and is a truly epic 80s single. Anyways this video is equally amazing as an 80s pop touchstone. I fucking love yung Linda Hamilton like girls and I can't wait for huge hair to come back in style mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

fuck it bonus KIDS IN AMERICA by KIM WILDE. Maybe the best pop song of the past 3 decades.

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