Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my desert eeeaase make m-seees freeeeeeze

Real quick ass update.

K, so I'm walking down some random side street in rich ass Chelsea. Home of the gays and mean ass rich old ladies. They're a passing a bylaw to make it illegal for my dirty ass to live here. ANYWAYS, I'm there walkin and shit. In the horizon I see a tall orange monolith surrounded by what appears to be a crew. As the figure approaches I see gelled spikes upon the head of this orange being. As the crew comes into my zone I see that this apparition is an Italian-American youth wearing Armani Exchange and Affliction. Then I realize it's the famous musical Disc Jockey, DJ Paulie D. I look him straight in the guido eye to make sure it's him he looks at me with almost pure sadness and nods yes. Yes he is Paulie D of the Jersey Shore. I proceed to explode and say "A YO DJ PAULIE D, WHAT'S UP MY MAN?" and go into uncontrolled laughter. At this point they are 4 meters away and 2 of his guido bros turn around and give me the guido stare. The idea of getting in fight with him and his boys made me laugh even harder. Paulie really looked sad though. He also had 2 hipsters with him

I think I would have thought twice had it been J-Woww.

I wonder if he likes Italian disco?

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