Saturday, February 6, 2010

if you can sort of make it here you can sort of make it anywhere

So I'm back to the 613 on a friggin cloud. My auditions experience was really unbelievable, I still think I'm gonna wake up. Got really good vibes from Royal Scottish and Royal Welsh, LIPA is a bit of a toss up because it wasn't a group audition (but it was a walk on so no biggie) and I made the cut in the group audition for Central but I would be REALLY surprised if I got in to their acting program. I still have a phone interview for their applied theater and education program (which kind of interests me more than straight acting).

Like I said in a previous post win lose or draw I walked out of every audition with my head held high and a smile on my face. Met a lot really cool people. Had a bunch of rich and smart conversations. Grew a whole heck of a lot as an actor and that was just the audition process. My whole trip in New York really opened my eyes about myself and I think I gained some confidence. I have no idea where I will be next year but I can guarantee you it won't be Ottawa. I saw that a lot of stuff that made me feel dumb or uncool was actually just how conservative my environment is. If I don't go to the U.K. I might try to get a job in a museum in NYC. The Jackson Heights neighborhood really made me feel like I was in Vanier. It was so weird how the architecture and the vibe was almost identical. It would be a good catalyst to try to learn Spanish again.

Shit, I'm fucking rambling. This is supposed to be music video/photo blog. I have 4 rolls of film that I will get developped when I scrounge up some cash. I got a job interview this week. Thing are looking up for the first time in 2 years.

HELLO NEW WORLD (what youth anthems was originally going to be called).

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