Tuesday, February 9, 2010

mo fire

Still on top of the world from my cliché "out of towner discovers NYC trip". First batch of Lil Karsh's pics goin up now. These pictures are of a pretty big fire that was going around the corner from my hostel in Chelsea. It was my first day and it was freezing cold. I was worried these pictures sucked but I think there's a cool narrative that pops out! Let's do this.

Now I'm not a rah rah rah right wing douche but I think 9/11 really affected me as a kid. I had some close calls with IRA terrorism when I was younger in the U.K. But I never saw it as dangerous. I felt like I wasn't the target and they had some good reasons to be angry. I went to NYC less than 3 weeks after 9/11. Smoke was still coming out of the ground. Canal street was still the blocked off and pictures of the missing/dead littered every wall in Manhattan. I recently watched the new doc where you heard the FDNY's real radio calls. The guys going into the second tower knew they were going to die. They never stopped going up those stairs. All because some losers believed in god... Anyways when I saw these guys in action I felt like I was seeing celebrities. They were so concentrated on the raging fire they didn't care I was getting too close. They didn't even look at me. Big shouts to Ladder 24 and engine 14!

This picture here really speaks to me. You know when a firefighter says "I don't consider myself a hero" you can see it here. These men are getting ready to GO INTO A BLAZING FIRE! Look at them... Business as usual. !!!

Alright boys we're going in.

And off into hell. I know fear and pain is relative but I'm gonna think of these guys next time I'm nervous for a play.

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